Produce high-precision extrusion machine
For 6 Years

Guangzhou Inoex technologies Ltd is an innovative 3d filament extrusion company based in Southern China. We manufacture pla/abs/tpu/wood extruder production line for many years.

High Output

We have achieved the production of 15~25 kg/h for the 3d filament extrusion machine.

High-precision Extrusion

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Why Choose Us

We have a strong and lasting passion for high precision extruder machine. Making 3D printing accessible for more people, and letting more people enjoy the convenience of 3D printing, we are working on it !

High Output

Higher Output than other supplier, it can match 15-25 kg/h.

Quality Assurance

We can offer the certificate and 2 years warranty

6 Years of Experience

We had manufactured 100+ filament production line projects all over the world.